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Camping Kabins & Lodges

Why lug a huge RV around the country when you can just bring your car and camp in one of our log cabins? Given current gas prices, this option may be quite a bit less expensive. You can still relax in your own space and yet, unlike in a hotel room, you can step out your door into a peaceful rural setting right on a beautiful lake. Wake up to the serene view of the morning light glinting off the water outside your window.

We offer a number of cabin camping options. There are the basic Kamping Kabins with one or two rooms that include electricity but no running water, though you are of course welcome to use the campground's restrooms and showers which are located nearby. Then we have the more advanced Kamping Kottages and Kamping Lodges, both of which contain a kitchenette, refrigerator, and a bathroom and shower.

One Room Kamping Cabin

Our one-room cabins are available on the lake or off the lake. In two of the lakeside cabins you can actually take a few steps from your porch and cast your fishing line right into the water. Each has a swing, a heavy door with a secure lock, a ceiling fan, lights, and electrical outlets. There are a total of three beds inside (one double bed and one bunk bed), so the cabin can sleep four people comfortably assuming that two people sleep together in the double bed. Outside, you get a picnic table and a grill.

Two Room Kamping Cabin

The two-room cabin has, predictably, a second room. There are a total of two bunk beds and one double bed, allowing six guests to sleep comfortably inside. This cabin is excellent for larger families, or for those who would prefer a little separation at certain times of the day or night.

Kamping Lodge

The lodges have facilities similar to those of the kottage: a kitchenette, heating and air conditioning, a bathroom, and a shower. However, there is actually a separate bedroom with a full bed (handy for a little privacy), along with a bunk bed, and a couch that folds out into a bed in the front room. There is also a television with cable channels.

Each lodge has a large yard area with wrought-iron patio furniture. The lodges are popular with many of our guests, and we recommend making reservations about a month in advance, or earlier for peak occupancy periods.